Tesla Snow Tires Can Ease Your Pain? Truth About Tesla Tires For Snow.

Tesla snow tires – also known as winter tires – are specially designed to help vehicles perform well in snowy conditions. While some Tesla vehicles are built to perform well in snowy conditions, others require the help of snow tires to perform optimally in snowy weather. Tesla snow tires are designed with advanced technology to help vehicles provide maximum traction in snowy conditions. When the weather turns inclement, the right pair of Tesla snow tires can help improve your vehicle’s performance in the snow. If you have invested in a Tesla, you likely have wondered if Tesla snow tires are a good idea for your vehicle. In general, Tesla vehicles handle exceptionally well in snow. However, not all Tesla vehicles are equally good in the snow.

Do I need tesla snow tires?

When it comes to tesla snow tires for Tesla vehicles, you would want to ensure that you’re maintaining the best traction possible. While you can get away with all-season tires in many cases. In the case of Tesla vehicles, all three of the main models – Model 3, Model S, and Model X – have their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to snow tires. Quite possibly the most well-known inquiries we get from our clients is, “Do I really want exceptional snow tires for my Tesla?” The response is indeed, however not for the reasons you think. All-season tires are fine for most winter driving, but if you want to maximize the performance of your Tesla, snow tires are a great option. Snow tires are designed to increase traction on snow and ice and are a great choice for maximizing your Tesla’s traction and performance in the snow. The most well-known Tesla vehicle as of now available in the Tesla Model 3. The Model 3 has been a game-changer for Tesla vehicles, offering a sleek design and a variety of features that make it desirable to a wide variety of consumers. When it comes to handling snowy conditions, the Tesla Model 3 has been ranked as one of the better vehicles when compared to other Tesla vehicles. When it comes to handling in the snow, the Tesla Model 3 offers a variety of features that help improve vehicle performance in snowy conditions.

Tesla snow tires

How would I pick the best tesla snow tires?

The main variable to think about while picking the best tesla snow tires for snow is traction in ice. All Tesla models have ice mode, which helps increase traction on frozen roads. All Tesla models have all-wheel drive, which builds traction in cold and frosty conditions. The Model 3 has the best ice mode of the Tesla models, which helps improve traction when going through snow or on icy roads. Tesla vehicles come equipped with a variety of tires, ranging from all-season tires to snow tires. Tesla also offers a set of all-wheel-drive dual-motor Model S and Model X vehicles that have been optimized for snowy conditions. However, if you live in an area that experiences a lot of snow, we recommend going for a vehicle that has snow tires. This will ensure that your vehicle handles the snow the way it should. Tesla offers a wide variety of vehicles, and each handles them differently based on a variety of factors. However, the best Model 3 for snowy conditions is likely the Performance model, due to its all-wheel-drive system. This adds significant grip to the car, improving its handling in snowy conditions. The AWD system also adds to the Model 3’s range, increasing the car’s all-weather capabilities.

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Tips for driving a Tesla in the snow, with or without tesla tires for snow

Not only because of the ice storm, but it is also important to keep in mind the obstacles of driving through snow and some other challenges while driving during winter. Tesla is a different vehicle, generally safer than average, with some unique features that are important to know for these types of conditions. There are some important tips, recommended by the brand, for driving in the snow, during very cold climates, or with the possibility of icy patches on the road. For electric engine vehicles, if you expect a very cold storm near your residence or plan to travel to an area where there is ice or snow, plan ahead. Here are some tips for your Tesla: Virtually any problem caused by the presence of ice or snow on the car can be solved with the vehicle’s function. This can be activated from the Tesla app; it is not necessary to physically approach the vehicle.

The defog feature melts ice on:

  • Windshield and mirror
  • Mirrors and windows
  • Autopilot sensors and cameras
  • loading port
  • The charging port will also defrost if the vehicles preheating is activated.

Tesla recommends that if situations are known to occur where ice may form on the vehicle, the windshield wiper positions should be changed, and auto-folding of the rearview mirrors should be disabled. To change the position of the wipers and put them in service mode, it is done from “Controls” → “Service” → “Windscreen wipers in service mode” → “On”

To disable the folding of the rearview mirrors, go to “Controls” → “Quick Controls” → “Mirrors” → “Auto Mirror Folding” on Tesla Model 3 and Model Y. On Model S or Model X, it is located at “Controls” → “Vehicle” → “Auto Mirror Folding”

The traction control of the Tesla, by having motors located in the axles of the wheels, is usually superior to traditional combustion engine vehicles. Even so, the general recommendation is to install tesla snow tires to improve control, safety, and performance. Likewise, it is a good idea to fill with a specific windshield washer fluid for low temperatures. Finally, Tesla also offers alternatives for those who want to install tire chains on their wheels.

Tips for maintaining tesla in cold weather & usefulness of tesla snow tires

It is normal to see an increase in energy consumption during winter and very cold climates. Maximizing self-sufficiency is possible by following these tips: Preheat the battery before driving. This is achieved by activating the vehicle’s air conditioning. It can be done from the app. In fact, an icon will indicate if it is being carried out. Use the programmed departure, so that the vehicle preheats the battery and the passenger compartment before the daily departure. The number one reason why more battery is consumed during a winter trip is to maintain the temperature of the cabin compared to the outside climate. A good suggestion is to use the heated seats — which are very energy efficient — in combination with the vehicle’s heater, so you don’t have to turn up the temperature as much. At the point when the Tesla is parked, it is ideal to leave it connected to the charging plug. That way the charging system is used and not the battery to keep the heat inside. If you are driving your tesla on a Snowy Road, it is recommended to use tesla snow tires for better traction and control.

Have you thought about buying snow chains for tesla snow tires?

To avoid getting stuck in the middle of snowy and slippery roads, the best solution can be textile snow chains tesla snow tires. Less expensive and much more practical to install than a traditional snow chain, textile snow chains will make your life much easier. Easy to store in the glove compartment or in the trunk of your TESLA, textile car chains will be your best ally when it comes to mounting them. Just like classic snow chains, textile snow chains allow safe driving on snow and ice, but also on asphalt! And it is that depending on the textile snow chain you choose; you can use it only in snowy parts or throughout the route with snow parts and clean parts. The textile snow chains are installed in less than 5 minutes. Amazing ease of adjustment that makes snow chains accessible to everyone. It isn’t important to request help to put the material chains of the vehicle. And you don’t have to spend hours in the cold or snow to put them on. A real gain in comfort and safety. If that were not enough, the textile snow chains are reusable and can be machine washed at 30º. So why hesitate any longer? Ditch the old-fashioned idea of ​​spending too much money on heavy chains and buy good, high-performance, and highly durable textile snow chains for your TESLA instead. textile snow chains can be fitted to a 4×4, passenger car, or even a van. As with a multi-size snow chain, all combinations of wheel diameter, width and height are considered.

Tesla has launched a new tesla tires for snow option on the Tesla Model Y

As the famous Game of Thrones series would say, Tesla has opened the option of mounting a specific tesla snow tires package for the Model Y but for winter. Especially, it will be very useful for the northern part of the United States and especially in Canada, where it is currently one of the few countries where the Tesla Model Y is marketed. In the USA, when the Model Y is launched in 2021, we do not believe they will give this option, since it is much more designed for countries where the law requires snow tires to be mounted at certain times of the year, as is the case in Canada. As of December 1, at the latest, all vehicles in Quebec, Canada, must mount snow tires to circulate, since the country’s weather conditions require it. Therefore, Tesla has released a new package for the Model Y called the Gemini Wheel and Winter Tire package. A package that includes snow tires.

How to choose the best tesla tires for snow for TESLA MODEL 3?

The choice of tesla snow tires for your Tesla Model 3 must be made carefully, with consideration for several variables, including the type of car, the size of the vehicle, and the use of the vehicle in relation to the routes that are taken daily. To help you in this delicate decision, there are companies that made a total index of tires for Tesla, intended to furnish you with safe driving and phenomenal execution in all conditions. Tires for Tesla, designed for high performance: winter, summer, and all-season tires specifically for city cars, SUVs, sedans or sports cars. Tesla 3 snow tires are made of a special rubber compound, prepared to face all weather conditions. The tire tread is designed to ensure maximum grip on straights and curves while reducing hydroplaning on wet roads, braking distance, and fuel consumption. Accessing the file of each of the tires for the Tesla Model 3 you will be able to see and compare their technical characteristics. Once you have identified the Tesla Model 3 tires that best suit your needs, contact an authorized dealer for more details on the technical aspects and complete your purchase.

Winter tesla tires for snow: Which Are Better for American Weather?

For some years now, the DGT has recommended the use of winter Tesla Snow Tires as the best solution for driving safely and without mobility limitations in adverse weather conditions, which would avoid many of the exceptional situations that we have experienced due to the consequences of the storm Philomena. Winter certified tires are especially suitable for driving in snow as an alternative to chains, although their benefits are not limited to snow or ice situations. These types of tires are very useful and suitable for use throughout the winter, as they improve traction and maneuverability in temperatures below 7 degrees, reduce braking distance when the asphalt is slippery and achieve better resistance to aquaplaning.

All-season tires in the USA

All-season tires are the safest to ride all year round because their rubber compounds and tread design allow them to adapt to any weather condition, hot or cold, and it is not necessary to have two sets of tires. They are the best option for most of the regions of the USA, especially in regions where winters are mild, and snowfalls are occasional.


When it comes to Tesla vehicles and snow, many people are curious to see how their vehicles perform on snowy and icy roads. Each Tesla vehicle handles it differently in the snow, and the performance of each vehicle depends on a variety of factors. One of the most important factors in determining how a Tesla performs in the snow is the type of tires that are installed. Tesla Snow Tires are specially designed to provide maximum traction on snow and ice without sacrificing comfort and performance on clear roads. Unlike conventional snow tires, which are bulky and provide poor performance on dry roads, Tesla tires for snow provide balanced performance and comfort in all weather conditions.